SalsaBCN, music and dance

The name says it all.  It is the place where you find it all. Sun sand, sea, sangria and salsa! Live salsa music every Thursday and Sunday with Makibanda, paying tribute to the greats in salsa over past 50 years.

With a history of 20 years, Salsa Port Olimpic has a heritage that can not be matched by any other.  Seasoned salsa oficianados and those that are curios, it is the one place we meet, talk, listen, make friends and dance!

Young musician seminar

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Special events for musicians who want to polish and hone their skills in playing salsa. It is an opportunity to bring to together the best Barcelona has to offer.

Salsa the bread of life

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Salsa is almost a religion. Worldwide it has brought together distant communities, from all backgrounds, all colours, all languages. The rhytym is unmistakeable and sparks a celebration any time any place any where.

Words from our managers

If it is salsa you want in Barcelona, then there is only one place - SALSA! The name says it all.
We have a tema of people dedicated to make your experience memorable and unreatable. As we say in Spanish "mi casa su casa"!